Use of Enzymes in Different Types of Biofuel Cells


Use of Enzymes in Different Types of Biofuel Cells

Amna Ahmad, Muhammad Hussnain Siddique, Saima Muzammil, Muhammad Riaz, Ijaz Rasul, Farrukh Azeem, Sabir Hussain, Habibullah Nadeem

Enzymes are those macromolecules which are needed for many chemical interconversion that maintain life. Progress in protein engineering and recombinant technology has developed the enzyme as essential molecules for use in therapeutical and industrial processes. For the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy many electrochemical systems i.e., biofuel cells have used enzyme as their catalysts. In this chapter, we focused on the different type of biofuel cells which use enzymes for energy conversion. Enzymes, microbes and organelles are the biocatalysts which can be employed in biofuel cells.

Glucose Oxidase, Bilirubin Oxidase, Bioelectrochemical System

Published online 2/21/2019, 22 pages


Part of the book on Enzymatic Fuel Cells

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