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Materials Research Proceedings publishes conference/symposium proceedings as OPEN ACCESS
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The series Materials Research Proceedings offers conference organizers to make entire proceedings OPEN ACCESS for a onetime fee of USD 34.00 per paper (4-8 pages). Proceedings are published very rapidly and made available online within 4-10 weeks. All proceedings will be marketed worldwide as print, eBook and individual ePapers. All papers have a DOI and have fully linked references.

Authors retain full copyright of their publications and are free to publish the same or extended paper elsewhere.

Peer review statement
All papers published in “Materials Research Proceedings” have been peer reviewed. The process of peer review was initiated and overseen by the proceedings editors. All reviews were conducted by expert referees in accordance to Materials Research Forum LLC high standards. For details see below “Proceedings peer review policy”.

The authorship for “Materials Research Proceedings” is international.

Editorial Board
Erian A. Armanios (The University of Texas at Arlington, USA)
Biswajit Basu (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Lyndon Edwards (Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation, Australia)
Hinnerk Hagenah (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany)
Mateusz Papis (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)
Agnieszka Szczotok (Politechnika Śląska, Poland)
Yu Zhong (Florida International University, USA)
Chang Kai (Lance) Wu (Dow Corning, USA)

Proceedings peer review policy
MRF publishes peer-reviewed papers written in good English only. In case of a proceedings volume the editors (conference organizers) of the proceedings have the obligation to review the papers presented.

The detailed procedures might vary for different conferences according to their custom and practices. Our publishing agreements require peer review as outlined below.

Normally, a given paper will be reviewed by at 2 experts in the field [assigned by the editors/organizers]. The results of the reviewing process will be transmitted to the editor(s) and the corresponding authors will be asked to make any required changes and submit the final version of the paper to the editor(s) who will then decide whether the paper is to be published or not. Only papers with clear support from the reviewers should be considered for publication.

The reviewers should consider the following key points for their evaluation and make a clear statement as to whether the paper should be published or rejected:

Style and Organization:
Is the paper clearly presented and well organized?
Is the English satisfactory?
Is the title appropriate?
Are the figures, tables, and their captions clear?
Are the references to related work adequate?

Scientific Quality:
Contains significant contributions to the advancement of the subject.
Sound, original, and of interest.
Does not add to knowledge of the subject.
Contains fundamental errors.
Other ______________

Publish as it is.
Publish with minor revision noted in evaluation statement.
Publish with major revision.

Comments: Please summarize the reasons for your recommendation in a clear statement

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