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OXY-GON Industries,  Epsom NH, USA
Address: 42 Old Route 28, Epsom, NH 03234, USA
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Oxy-Gon offers a wide range of furnaces for, Ceramic Firing, Annealing, Brazing, Hot Pressing and more.  Oxy-Gon furnaces have temperatures up to 2800°C (5000°F) and controlled atmospheres, rough to ultra-high vacuum, inert gas, nitrogen, hydrogen or reducing gas.  Oxy-Gon is “Degrees Ahead in Quality” since 1988.

Gas Purification Furnaces
Universal Application Furnaces
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Bell Jar Loading Furnace
General Purpose Furnaces
Hot Press Furnace Systems
Fiber Draw Furnaces
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Crystal Growth Furnaces
Tensile Testing Furnaces
Molybdenum Furnace Elements
Tungsten Furnace Elements

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