high emissivity coatings

Spectral Black thin foil
Address: 19 Topaz St. P.O.B. 8643 Kiryat-Gat, 8213513
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Short Business Description: Acktar black coatings is manufactures the blackest black coatings to enhance emissivity, outgassing and stray light control abilities for any project with possibly the best prices!
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A world leader in black coating services and thin film production. Our products aims to give materials and opto-mechanical parts high absorptance & high emissivity for stray light suppression in high performance optics.

We develop, industrialize and produce light absorbing Black coatings based on advanced and fast vacuum deposition technologies.

  • Black coating services: Choose one of the most suitable coating services for a wide variety of substrates as metals, ceramics or polymers.
  • Black foils and films: Order a tiny package of self adhesive black foils or films or get a whole roll of black coating film with outstanding optical performance.
  • Blackened opto-mechanical components: Find Light traps, light trapping panels, noise reduction extension tubes, superblack precision pinholes and air slits, laser beam dumps and more.
  • 3D biOptical Surfaces: Our Microtiter plates, microarray slides and transparent bottom cell culture coated microplates produced with enhanced characteristics as: Zero fluorescence background (ELISA – fluorescent detection), extremely high light absorptance, improved signal to noise ratio, controlled structural and chemical properties


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