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At Johnsen Ultravac (JUV), a Division of Johnsen Machine Company Limited we strive to build the highest quality, most reliable, vacuum equipment available anywhere. Our vacuum equipment delivers total value to our global customers in terms of payback, low maintenance, flexibility and durability.

If your materials research requires an ultra high vacuum chamber it may be of interest to know that our UHV chambers routinely operate in the 5 x 10E-11 Torr base pressure range.

If your research requires complex 6-axis XYZ manipulators or Linear translators JUV offers the widest range in UHV instrumentation. With optional electron beam heating and Helium cooled cryostats our modular sample holder arrangements are leading the industry in temperature range (10° K to 1,500° K), motion, accuracy and repeatability.

If Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation is your interest the JUV SRI Product line for Light Sources includes Monochromators for X-ray Beam lines, Front-ends, Photon and Safety Shutters. Other SRI products include Collimators, Mask assemblies, Mirror chambers and Safety Shutters.

If your research is in Electro-photonic, Opto-electronics or Semi-conductor devices the JUV 6000 series combine the latest E-Beam Evaporation, ECR-CVD and ICP-CVD deposition technology.

If your research is in Materials Science, Nano Technology or Super Conductivity the JUV 6100 series combine the latest in RF-DC Sputtering, RF-ICP Plasma Spray and Pulsed LASER (PLD) deposition technology.

If you require products for testing of Satellite Instruments such as IR Sensors our products for the Aerospace Industry include Blackbodies, Bench coolers and Space Simulation Systems.

Also, with our staff of engineers with vacuum and cryogenic experience JUV leads the industry in CUSTOM design and manufacturing capabilities. Why not put the JUV team to work for you.

Business Website Address: http://www.ultrahivac.com/
Address: 34 Norfolk Ave, Brampton, Brampton, ON L6X 2B5, Canada
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Ontario Ovens Inc. offers a full line of industrial ovens, industrial freezers, laboratory refrigerators, laboratory ovens, industrial furnaces and test chambers. With Ontario Ovens and Freezers, you will find an industrial oven or a lab oven (laboratory oven) as per industry need and to the exact specifications. Similarly if it is an industrial freezer or a laboratory refrigerator your company is looking for, be assured that you have reached the right place. Ontario Ovens and Freezers can assist and guide your organization in choosing the right industrial freezer depending on the industry applicable and the current need. Large or small batch ovens, conveyorized ovens, box furnaces, chest freezers and upright freezers are also available.

For over 20 years, Ontario Ovens and Freezers have been supplying science and industry with solutions to their thermal processing equipment needs around the world. All our products are brand new and backed up by a full warranty and commitment to service. We can ship to anywhere around the world.

Product Categories:
Industrial Ovens
Laboratory Ovens
Industrial Freezers
Laboratory Freezers
Test Chambers
UV Curing Systems

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PREVAC founded in Rogów (Upper Silesia, Poland) in 1996 is focused on setting the standards in precision UHV technology and PREVAC’s logo is recognizable throughout the world as a mark of quality in this field.

Since its foundation PREVAC has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of research equipment for analysis of high and ultra high vacuum applications.

With many years market presence, PREVAC can be proud of some impressive achievements. Products – designed, manufactured and tested in Poland – are currently working all over the world helping leading researchers

PREVAC’s greatest assets are many years of experience in vacuum technology and a highly skilled, dynamic and ambitious workforce comprising the best specialists, who are characterized by openness to innovation, initiative and creativity.

Systems: Advanced, multi-technique systems for UHV surface science
Components: Chambers, Sample Holders, Instruments, Manipulators

Business Website Address: https://www.prevac.eu/
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Address: Parsons Lane, S33 6RB Hope Valley, UK
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The CARBOLITE GERO brand is synonymous with high quality, leading heat technology in the design and manufacture of laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces ranging from 30 °C to 3000 °C and sold globally to over 100 countries.

On 1st January 2016 Carbolite (UK) and Carbolite Gero (Germany) joined to become one company under the name of CARBOLITE GERO. With the combined product lines the company will strengthen its market position locally and globally. In the past, both companies gained strong, established reputations for engineering expertise in applied heating technology.

CARBOLITE GERO has two manufacturing and sales sites. One is based in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, where Carbolite has been manufacturing laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces up to 1800 °C since 1938; the second facility is located in Neuhausen, southern Germany, where high temperature furnaces up to 3000 °C with a large variety of solutions for vacuum and other modified atmospheres have been manufactured since 1982.

In addition to the wide range of standard products, CARBOLITE GERO is an expert in the development of customized equipment for complex heat treatment processes. Solving customers’ individual application requirements has given Carbolite Gero an important place in aerospace, engineering, materials science, medical, bioscience and contract testing laboratories globally to name a few.

Not only can CARBOLITE GERO supply products with Standards-compliant furnace and oven designs (eg, Nadcap heat treatment processes (AMS2750E)), but also fully traceable certification for control, measurement, recording and data acquisition devices, issued by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

Products include:
Chamber Furnaces
Tube Furnaces
Vacuum Furnaces
Application Specific Furnaces
Custom Designed Furnaces
Control Options
Accessories & Configurations

Business Website Address: www.carbolite-gero.com
Address: Parsons Lane, Hope Valley S33 6RB, UK
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For over 30 years, Lenton has been a world leader in the manufacture of a range of electric laboratory and industrial furnaces and ovens. Lenton has an enviable reputation for innovative design, advanced technology and outstanding quality in the field of electric furnaces and ovens for research, quality control and pilot plant applications.

The range of laboratory furnaces and ovens includes chamber/box & tube furnaces to 1800°C, ovens to 300°C and high temperature ovens at 400°C, 500°C & 600°C. Included in the tube furnace range are horizontal, split, rotating & multi-zone models. Standard laboratory chamber/box furnace capacities range from 4 to 45 litres.

Specialist models are included in the furnace range for ashing applications and processes requiring treatment under modified atmospheres, for example nanotube research. We also offer a design & manufacture facility – providing custom built solutions to meet individual requirements for both special laboratory and industrial furnaces and ovens. These include clean room furnaces, debinding furnaces, crystal growth furnaces, top hat furnaces, elevator hearth furnaces, large chamber furnaces, tensile test furnaces, elevator hearth furnaces and rotating tube furnaces.

Product Lines:
Chamber Furnaces
Tube Furnaces
Custom built equipment

Business Website Address: www.lentonfurnaces.com
Air-Craft Environmental Systems, Rochester NY, USA
Address: 72 Cascade Drive, Rochester. NY 14614, USA
Short Business Description: When you need any type of environmental chamber, contact ACES first. We provide lease solutions for altitude and space simulations, humidity and temperature cycling and exposure, thermal shock testing and much more. From walk in units to bench top models, we have it all. With nearly thirty years experience, ACES is the partner you want for hardware and ongoing support services.
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When you need environmental test chambers, contact ACES. We offer swift and sound advice and a vast fleet of equipment for rapid deployment. We provide solutions for temperature and humidity cycling, thermal shock testing, altitude and space simulations and more. From bench-top models to walk-in facilities, we have it all. ACES is your strategic partner for urgent, short-term or special testing applications.

We are experts in service and leasing ultra low temperature freezers, vacuum chambers and lab ovens. Every manufacturing universe finds help here. Whatever community you’re part of: Scientific, Medical, Electronics, Industrial, Automotive, University or Government, you want ACES on your team!

No need to purchase costly equipment. Save time, money and risk with environmental test chamber rentals from Air-Craft Environmental Systems.

Supporting Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Products, and Life Sciences R&D Laboratories
Now in our 40th Year of Excellence!


Business Website Address: http://www.acestestlabs.com/
Address: 545-3 Johnson Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716, USA
Short Business Description: With cutting-edge technology and pioneering innovations, BINDER develops products that provide real added value for the customer.
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BINDER temperature, climate, and environmental simulation chambers are the centerpieces of modern laboratories. Designed to meet the highest demands in scientific and industrial fields, they enable the accurate simulation of biological, chemical, and physical environmental conditions. With cutting-edge technology and pioneering innovations, BINDER develops products that provide real added value for the customer. We apply our expertise and feel for the requirements of dynamic, day-to-day work in research facilities to support the widest range of projects and processes in an optimum way.
With 22,000 series production machines supplied each year globally, family company BINDER is now one of the leading experts on environmental simulation chambers. For over 30 years at our German site in Tuttlingen, we have developed and produced premium products which combine superior technology, first-class advice, and exemplary service. These three factors are symbolized by the three red triangles that make up our logo – and our customers appreciate the benefits every day through the outstanding results of their work.
Products include
Ultralow temperature freezers
Drying and heating chambers
Vacuum drying chambers
Constant climate chambers
Dynamic climate chambers

Business Website Address: http://www.binder-world.com/us/
Address: 46 Chestnut St., Norwalk, CT 06854, USA
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COOKE VACUUM designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and custom high and ultrahigh vacuum systems intended for research and production. With five decades of experience, and thousands of units in the field, COOKE VACUUM has come to symbolize economy and versatility,
Cooke Vacuum Products was established in the late 1950’s during an exciting period of experimentation in vacuum technology, especially thin film coating and materials research. From the beginning, Cooke had to pioneer new applications and new tools for the emerging semiconductor and optical industries, and for the related research laboratories.
Over the next decades, Cooke continued to support R&D by developing pumping systems, resistance evaporation, electron-beam, sputtering, and plasma sources, often in close collaboration with customers. Vacuum environmental chambers were developed for the space industry, encapsulation and bake systems for early flat panel displays. New, and highly specialized equipment was made for the quartz crystal industry, as well as for production of printing foil, then holographic foil. We were there to make the first OLED systems, and the first glove-box processors.
Because of the emphasis on custom solutions, the company has remained relatively small, and is well-known for its ability to “engineer on demand” more than for volume production.

Thin Film Deposition: Thermal Resistance; Electron Beam; Sputter; PLD; OLED and Glove Box Systems.
Etch/Ash/Surface Treatment: Plasma Etch; Reactive Ion Etch; Surface Activation and Modification.
Test and Specials: Environmental Test; Space Simulators; Vacuum Ovens: Laser Die Attach.

Business Website Address: http://www.cookevacuum.com/
Address: 355 South Technology Drive, Central Islip, NY 11722, USA
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CVD Equipment Corporation designs, develops, and manufactures process equipment solutions for R&D, pilot, and production applications. Our products include a complete array of turnkey solutions such as chemical vapor deposition systems, gas & liquid delivery cabinets, gas panels, and related gas abatement systems. CVD Equipment Corporation’s headquarters and application laboratory are located on Long Island, New York, USA:

Designs, develops, and manufactures: custom and standard Chemical Vapor Deposition systems.
Recognized leader: a key equipment provider to industry; blue-chip companies; innovative startups; leading university, industrial, and government research laboratories for over 30 years.
Proprietary edge: a significant library of homegrown solutions and know-how for intricate processes across a broad range of applications in aerospace, medical, semiconductor, solar, glass coating, nanomaterials, superconducting materials, etc.
Vertically integrated: design and manufacturing enables rapid system development. We procure raw materials & components and deliver finished systems.
Turnkey systems: includes instrumentation, process control software, gas delivery, process chambers, vacuum systems, and exhaust abatement equipment.
Application laboratory: product and material development.

Business Website Address: https://www.cvdequipment.com/
Business Phone or Fax: Tel: +1 631.981.7081
Address: PO Box 10317, Santa Ana, CA 92711-0317, USA
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EPS has been a leader in application engineering and sales of industrial and pharmaceutical ovens since 1978. Initially a manufacturer’s representative, EPS now offers its own line of batch and continuous ovens for industrial applications. This line supplements rather than competes with the equipment offered by those heat process equipment manufacturers EPS currently represents.
EPS oven systems are installed in the U.S. and in many other countries, including Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, China, Mexico, India, and others.
EPS ovens utilize forced convection for heat transfer. Ovens can be heated electrically or with direct or indirect gas. Sizes range from bench style units measuring 36″ x 36″ x 36″ inside to very large walk-ins. Temperatures range to 1,200 F.
Most EPS ovens are of double wall construction, with blanket type non-settling insulation between the inner and outer skins. Heavy duty plate construction and fiber linings are used for some higher temperature applications.
Only the highest quality components are used in the manufacture of EPS ovens. Control systems are as offered by the most prominent names in the industry, including Partlow, Honeywell, Barber Colman, or as specified by the customer.
Products include:
Anaerobic Chamber
Heat Treat Furnace
Humidity Chamber
Industrial Furnace
Industrial Oven
Lab Ovens
Pharmaceutical Ovens
Vacuum Oven

Business Website Address: www.epsovens.com/