Powder Handling & Metrology

Address: No. 178, Changxing Road, Longping High-tech Garden, Zhanggongling, Changsha, Hunan 410126, China
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Our mission is to build high efficiency, custom microwave furnaces as an energy efficient alternative to conventional furnaces.

At our main facility in Changsha, Hunan, P.R. China, we make the world’s most advanced high-tech microwave furnaces. We utilize the ground-up approach to microwave technology, as we fabricate 95% of our technical parts and systems, develop materials and waste management processes, and assemble and test all furnaces at our central facility in China. We have initiated construction on a new central location in Longping High-tech Garden, National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, which will be the largest of its kind in China. We have partnerships with distributors in the U.S., India, Korea and Taiwan that are experts in microwave technology.

Our furnaces are typically used in metallurgy, ceramic, chemical industries, especially for manufacturing thin grain metallic powders, various carbides, magnetic products, special ferroalloys, structural ceramics, functional ceramics, top-grade art porcelains, daily-use porcelains and construction porcelains, various chemical raw materials, as well as high-temperature processing of metal minerals. Syno-Therm has exclusive rights to several patents in microwave technology and a majority position in the domestic and international market.

Our Clients include:
Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, Beijing, China
Indian Institute of Science and Technology, India
Pennsylvania State University, USA
Washington State University, USA
Spheric Technologies, Inc., USA

Business Website Address: www.synotherm.net
Address: Köpenicker Straße 325 Haus 131, D-12555 Berlin, Germany
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HTM Reetz GmbH has been a competent and customer-oriented manufacturer of laboratory furnaces and high temperature equipment for more than 20 years.
For temperatures from 0 °C to more than 2000 °C, our range of products and services comprises a variety of complex heating and furnace systems, including components for defined gas and vacuum atmospheres.
High temperature chemistry
Chemical transport reactions
Powder metallurgy and ceramics
Physical-thermal analyses
Crystal growth
Energy and environmental engineering

Tube furnaces up to 600 °C, 1150 °C, 1500 °C, 1750 °C
Rotary tube furnaces up to 1150 °C, 1500 °C
Split tube furnaces up to 1150 °C, 1500 °C, 1675 °C
Gradient furnaces
Top hat chamber furnaces up to 1150 °C, 1500 °C, 1750 °C
Bottom loading elevator furnaces up to 1150 °C, 1500 °C, 1750 °C
Vacuum/protective gas and hydrogen furnaces up to 2300 °C
High pressure furnaces up to 1600 °C and 100 bar
Gas heaters up to 800 °C
Catalyst test furnaces up to 1000 °C
Chamber furnaces
Glovebox furnaces up to 1150 °C, 1300 °C, 1750 °C, 2000 °C
Crystal growing furnaces up to 1150 °C, 1750 °C (Tammann-Stöber method)

Business Website Address: http://www.htm-reetz.de/
Address: Heinrich-Hertz-Platz 1, D-92275 Eschenfelden, Germany
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Linn High Therm is a family owned business offering a wide variety of products on the highest technical level. Our products are used in R&D, design, production and quality control. You can find our prodcuts everywhere heat treatment takes place.

Products include:
Resitance Heating
Induction Heating
Microwave Heating
Hybride Systems

Applications include:
Heat Treating
Powder Carburization
Borating etc.

Crystal Growing
Directional Solidification etc.

CVD Chemical Vaopr Deposition
Thermal Cycling etc.

Precision Casting
Levitation Melting
Fusion etc.

Surface Coating
Sample Preparation for Spectroscopy

Business Website Address: www.linn-high-therm.de
Address: Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 3, Berlin D-12489, Germany
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The LUM GmbH is one of the leading producers for analytical devices for dispersion analysis and particle characterization.
On the basis of longtime experiences in the field of fluid mechanics, rheology and colloid chemistry the company, founded by Prof. Dr. D. Lerche in 1994, has developed the innovative STEP-Technology®, which is the technical platform for different product lines.

Or measuring equipment is used for the fast, reliable and comprehensive characterization of any demixing phenomena in dispersions and the testing of bonding and adhesive strength of composite materials.

Due to an effective network with national and international partners, latest research results are transformed into the present products and commercialized as new applications and devices. The portfolio is continuously extended.

LUM GmbH offers a wide range of contract research and analysis in the competence fields, too. The innovative strength of LUM and its staff is documented in many applied and granted patents as well as in reviewed international scientific publications.

In December 2004, the LUM Corporation was founded in Boston, MA, USA, as LUM’s own subsidiary. LUM Corporation is responsible for the sales in the NAFTA-region and is located in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The global LUM-sales network covering 37 countries at present is still expanding.

Business Website Address: https://lum-gmbh.com/
Address: Hollerithallee 8, Hannover, D-30419, Germany
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Located near Hannover, Germany, Particular® produces nanoparticles from almost any solid material, dispersed in water or organic solvents. Using a physical laser ablation process, our nanoparticles achieve the highest purity and surface activity.
We utilize the nanotechnological effect that substances become especially “active” when their surface-volume ratio increases. With a physical approach (in contrast to established chemical methods), Particular maximizes the purity and surface activity of these materials.
The innovation is based on laser ablation in liquids, which works without chemical precursors. These pages offer a process video of the laser method, an explanation of its advantages as well as links to scientific publications that explain the state-of-the-art of laser ablation in liquids for different application fields.
Our laser ablation technology ensures that, unlike chemically synthesized materials, our nanoparticles contain no chemical residues. It also prevents the clumping of nanoparticles that is common in powders, as we make the nanoparticles electrochemically stable in the liquid. You receive highly pure nanoparticles in the desired solvent – sometimes for less than one Euro per milliliter.
Gold Conjugates:
Laser-generated gold nanoparticles exhibit high purity and surface activity, making them the perfect binding partner for proteins and oligonucleotides for biomedical, immunoassay, and toxicology studies. We conjugate gold nanoparticles directly during the process of their generation. As physical laser ablation does not involve chemicals, the particles are ligand-free before conjugation: the final product is free of citrate or other particle-associated residual chemicals, so that bio-response studies can focus on pure conjugate functionality. Our method ensures superior conjugation efficiency (yield) and surface coverage (functionality) on the nanoparticles.

Business Website Address: http://particular.eu/startseite.html
Address: Rudower Chaussee 29, Berlin, D-12489, Germany
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PlasmaChem GmbH was founded 1993 in Mainz. In 2005 the company moved from Mainz to Berlin and is now located in the district Adlershof – the “City of Science and Media” — Germany´s leading science and technology park with more than 800 technology oriented companies, 6 institutes of Humboldt University and 11 non-university affiliated research institutes.

The main business field of PlasmaChem concerns nano-materials, detonation-, vacuum-, plasma- and ultra-thin film technologies and their biomedical and technical applications.

PlasmaChem offers new products for research and industry: Nanopowders (NanoDiamonds, NanoCeramics, NanoMetals and composite Nano-particles. In 2005 PlasmaChem has launched the first-in-the-world General Catalogue of Nanomaterials and related products.

Plasmachem performs chemical and low temperature plasma modification of nanopowders with the purpose of functionalization of nano-particle’s surface assisted by new plasma-chemical methods developed by PlasmaChem for ultra-dispersed materials. This approach leads to a new family of industrial nano-products with improved and tailor-made properties.

Along with advanced nano-particles PlasmaChem developed novel ready-to-use industrial nano-products like nano-abrasives, additives to engine oils and composite nano-suspensions for electroplating and electroless plating of metals.

Business Website Address: http://www.plasmachem.com
Address: Retsch-Allee 1-5, 42781 Haan, Germany
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Retsch Technology develops and sells state-of-the-art optical measuring systems for particle characterization based on different measurement techniques:
Measuring range from 0.3 nm to 30 mm
Analysis of particle size and particle shape of colloidal materials, emulsions, suspensions, dispersions, powders and granulates.

Business Website Address: www.retsch-technology.com
Address: Hilpertstrasse 10, Darmstadt, D-64295, Germany
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STOE develops, manufactures and sells scientific instruments for the non-destructive analysis of substances. Based on the X-ray diffraction (XRD) method, these systems characterize single crystals and powder samples and give answers to which substances a particular powder or crystal contains or at which positions atoms in solid bodies are exactly located. The majority of customers are institutes at universities and industrial laboratories worldwide doing research in chemistry, pharmacy, mineralogy or material science.
STOE, originally founded in 1887, to manufacture equipment for the optical analysis of crystals, has been a pioneer in powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction since the 1960’s, e.g. STOE invented and patented the transmission geometry technique for Powder XRD as well as, for single crystals, produced the first pixel detector XRD system with an open Eulerian cradle.
STOE is based in Darmstadt, Germany, and keeps the R&D, software programming, electrical and mechanical engineering and production all in house, allowing STOE to provide customers with standard as well as individual solutions. Whenever it comes to quality, STOE accepts no compromises. This high-level of detail is what sets STOE apart.
STOE is the partner in X-Ray Diffraction to crystallographers, chemists, material scientists and pharmacists all over the world.

Business Website Address: https://www.stoe.com/
Address: Eschborner Landstrasse 135, D-60489 Frankfurt, Germany
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Zinsser Analytic offers customized laboratory solutions in the field of drug discovery and materials science.

Zinsser Analytic is a leading company in customized automation. With more than 45 years of experience, high innovation factor and highest possible quality we tailor robots exactly to customer needs. Besides our Headquarter and Production in Germany, we have offices in the United Kingdom, France and the USA.

Systems include:
Liquid & Powder Handling
Sample Preparation
Weighing & Calibration
Synthesis Systems
Development Solutions
Software Solutions
X-Ray CT and NMR Scanner
Scintillation Counter

Business Website Address: www.zinsser-analytic.com
Address: Chalmers Science Park, Sven Hultins gata 9 A, SE-412 88 Gotherburg, Sweden
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Hot Disk AB is dedicated solely to facilitating its clients’ thermal transport property measurements. Utilizing the groundbreaking and recently ISO-certified TPS (Transient Plane Source) technique, Hot Disk instruments accurately ascertain the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity of a vast range of materials from single transient recordings. We have claimed considerable market share from competitors employing older and more limited techniques in recent years.
Hot Disk AB develops and provides equipment for measuring and testing thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity. With our equipment, testing thermal properties is easy, fast and non-destructive.
Knowing the thermal properties of materials or devices is crucial when designing any application where heating or cooling is a factor. Being able to readily acquire this information is important for designers, engineers and scientists alike.

Examples for Applications:
Anisotropy: Modern batteries (Li-Ion) have drastically different thermal ¬conductivities in different directions. Simple and accurate ¬measurement procedure with Hot Disk sensors. Hot Disk can perform anisotropic measurements on modern, Li-Ion batteries with a regular stack structure. The stack structure can be either cylindrical stack, or a plane stack structure.
Graphite Structures

Business Website Address: http://www.hotdiskinstruments.com/