Sunstrand, Louisville KY, USA
Address: 1401 Locust Street, Louisville, KY 40206, USA
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Sunstrand’s domestically sourced materials and innovative processing is helping manufacturers create high performing and sustainable products where replacing plastic and glass fibers was never before thought possible.

Sunstrand’s products and operations have been designed to deliver consistent, high quality materials compatible with a large number of applications and a particular emphasis on providing bulk feedstocks for the plastics, polymer composites and non-woven manufacturing industries.
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Prior to starting Sunstrand, Dr. Riddle founded Gradient Engineering, Inc in an effort to supply innovative design, material evaluations, research and development services to meet the needs of a growing composites industry. Seeing a growing interest in biocomposites, the team at Gradient began to monitor and research the area. The real work began when Gradient won a Small Business Innovative Research award from the prestigious National Science Foundation. This work pioneered the extraction of bamboo fiber from raw bamboo cane and the conversion of these fibers to forms compatible with polymer composites. During this work it became apparent that there was a need for a reliable supplier of biomaterials that understands the composites industry.
During the summer of 2014, Sunstrand was formed, not only to commercialize on the bamboo developments at Gradient, but to meet the needs of an industry by providing biomaterials and processing services. The company is located in Louisville, Kentucky which is in close proximity to agricultural feedstock suppliers and customers. Sunstrand now works with a variety of feedstocks including bamboo, hemp, kenaf, flax and jute. Sunstrand utilizes a team consisting of Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineering Technologists, Material Scientists and Technicians. The team has highly specialized composites design, manufacturing and testing experience. We come from broad industries such as wind energy, paper, snowsports, biomass, automotive, academia and aerospace.

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Address: 259 Edgeley Blvd., Unit 11-12, Concord, On L4K 3Y5, Canada
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Incorporated in 1980, TSI is a high technology company displaying steady growth over the last decade, establishing itself as one of the few Canadian based companies in its competitive fields. TSI currently operates in a fully staffed and equipped facility that includes laboratories, offices, a machine shop and testing area.
TSI performs research, development and manufacturing in the areas of:
automated non-destructive examination (NDE)
robotic welding and vision
transducers and sensors

TSI has also recently taken on the product distribution of several measuring instruments such as StressTel Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, Raytek Infrared thermometers, Automation USA AuaNix Coating Thickness Gauges and various other instruments including Electromagnetic Testing products. TSI’s products and systems are sold worldwide: in North America, throughout Europe, the Pacific Rim countries, mid-Asia and Australia.
TSI’s forte is the development and manufacture of customized turnkey system solutions for the fields mentioned above. From the relatively straight-forward creation of automotive robotic welding systems to the development of customized NDT systems for NASA materials and biomedical research, TSI has excelled in systems that combine state-of-the-art technological innovation with quality engineering. For example, TSI’s NDT systems are being used to inspect welds in steam generators, for remote inspection of turbines, for research into aerospace composite materials, to detect laminations and flaws in metallic alloy bars, to inspect aluminum aircraft wings for cracks, for the inspection of truck tires for leaks and separations and for the real time inspection of extruded stainless steel pipes. Through these examples, TSI’s creativity, diversity and skill in designing systems to match unique applications can be seen. Our inspection techniques include ultrasonic, Eddy Current and X-ray.

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Address: 1255 Kinnear Road, Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43212-1155, USA
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Zyvex was founded in 1997, as the first molecular nanotechnology company, with the vision of developing atomically precise manufacturing. By 2007, Zyvex research had been commercialized in several products. As those product lines grew, Zyvex restructured into separate companies so that each company could independently focus on its industry leading technology and products: Zyvex Labs and Zyvex Technologies.

Zyvex Technologies designs and creates the most capable structures using the most advanced molecularly engineered materials. Serving customers in an array of markets, Zyvex Technologies helps set new standards of product performance.

Materials R&D capabilities and equipment include:
Composite Material Development
Rapid Tool Fabrication
Composite Part Fabrication
Polymer Processing
Sample Preparation and Characterization
Additional Materials Characterization Capabilities include multiple type of SEM, X-Ray, Laser, Nuclear, UV, Gel/Gas, Nano/Micro, Thermal Torque and Infrared Analysis.

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