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Vince Carlino founded ibss Group, Inc. in 2002 in order to continue developing field-free ion beam (IBS) deposition systems for EM specimen preparation. The IBS system and the Dimpler™, developed by VCR Group, set the standard for specimen deposition and preparation.
In 2003, ibss Group agreed to market a tool to minimize hydrocarbon contamination in SEMs by remote or downstream (DS) oxidation. Mr. Carlino assumed Global Sales responsibility to introduce an innovative plasma process for the removal of gas phase hydrocarbon contamination in electron beam instruments.
In 2007, ibss Group began cooperating with an inventor of a unique, patented plasma source. ibss Group developed and produced the GV10x, a new paradigm in situ downstream plasma asher. Competitively priced, the GV10x Downstream Asher reduces carbon & hydrocarbon contamination 10 to 20 times more effectively than traditional methods at vacuum pressure safe for TMP operation.
Today, ibss Group has expanded its GV10x models and has customers in EM and synchrotron labs around the world successfully using the GV10x and related products. All models have been tested and certified to carry the CE Mark. Further, the GV10x has been approved for use at its full range of power (10 to 99 watts) in Japan, where the Radio Law would normally limit its upper limit to 49 watts.
It is ibss Group’s mission to not only provide the fastest, safest, and most efficient plasma cleaner on the market, but also to develop and maintain long term relationships with customers and operators of the GV10x by providing quick response times and thorough explanations and support that exceed expectations.

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Keith Company engineers and builds furnaces, kilns, ovens, lehrs, and thermal oxidizers. The nature of these systems is that they serve very technical and specialized niche market applications and as a result, there are only a handful of truly US based suppliers for these systems. Keith company maintains specialized knowledge in a myriad of fields including processing advanced materials, metals, specialty metals, advanced ceramics, electronic-materials, carbon and graphite, glass and more.
Keith Company specializes in supporting applications that require tight control of heating and cooling rates, temperature uniformity, process atmospheres, dew-points, process repeatability, integration of abatement systems, heat recovery systems, automation and more. As a result of the variety of technologies they excel in, Keith Company finds itself making many types of furnaces to order.

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Address: PO Box 362, CH – 3960 Sierre, Switzerland
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R&D Carbon (RDC) is the world-leading supplier of know-how in the field of carbon electrodes. Our multi-disciplinary and laterally-thinking team serves the aluminum, petroleum coke, pitch and electrode industries worldwide.

Our long experience and intensive research into carbon technology provide solid support to our constant quest to improve product quality. RDC contributes substantially to reducing metal production costs and to lowering capital investment for production plants.

R&D Carbon performs basic and applied research in conjunction with leading universities which are also working on carbon. Many doctorate students from renowned universities and research institutes in New Zealand, Switzerland and China have intensively investigated several hot topics in their PhD thesis. They benefited from the first class testing facility of our research laboratories, as well as from the wide experience of our senior scientists in the carbon and metal field.

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SkySpring Nanomaterials is an ISO 9001 certified worldwide manufacturer and supplier of nanoparticles, nanopowders, micron powders, and CNTs (carbon nanotubes) in small quantity for research and in bulk order for industry groups. Our expertise in the properties, applications and various manufacturing processes of advanced and engineered materials allows us to meet the needs of our customers.

Products include:
Metal and nonmetal elements
Oxides and rare earth oxides
Carbon Nanotubes

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Address: Rue de l’Ouriette 129, Aubonne, CH-1170, Switzerland
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A supplier of specialty materials and a Licensee of EPFL for Dye Solar Cell technology since 1994, we deliver the components used for Hybrid and Dye Solar Cell fabrication to researchers and industries worldwide.Ever since the beginning at Solaronix, an important part of the business has been devoted to the production of the key materials required for Hybrid and Dye Solar Cell fabrication processes. Thanks to a diverse portfolio of specialty chemicals and components, Solaronix supports innovation in new photovoltaic technologies, and turns scientific progress into readily available products.
Since 1996, the company delivers high quality ingredients to research centers involved in Hybrid and Dye Solar Cell technology around the world; academic laboratories or pioneering technological enterprises. Our products are available in tailored quantities for both research and industry, and we continually scale-up and introduce new products to sustain the market’s growing demand.
Our catalog encompasses all the ingredients for Dye Solar Cells, as well as products for the fabrication of Hybrid Solar Cells, Perovskite Solar Cells, and other photo-electrochemical devices:
Available Chemicals and Components
Nano-crystalline pastes of titanium dioxide, nickel oxide, and zirconium oxide.
Sensitizing Dyes and staining additives.
Ionic liquids.
Platinum catalyst precursors.
Carbon paste for conductive layers.
Sealing materials.
Transparent and electrically conductive substrates.
Labware and accessories.
Our specialists are developing and producing Solaronix’ compounds on the premises. We use Solaronix’ proven and genuine recipes to make specialty chemicals of the highest quality, meeting the requirements of high technology.
In addition to individual ingredients, Solaronix provides complete sets of components to help experimenters accelerate their work. We have different kits depending on solar cell size and intended use. They all include ready-to-use titania electrodes, counter-electrodes, and pre-cut sealing gaskets.
Our flagship products are tested in our qualification solar cells to guarantee proper operation in their final applications. Our routine laboratory cells demonstrate reliable and reproducible efficiencies of over 9%, topping at 10% for the highest efficiency samples.
Solaronix is an EPFL Sun2 license owner since 1994 and enjoys a privileged relationship with the LPI laboratory, led by Prof. Michael Grätzel, father of the Dye Solar Cell.
Our team contributes to several scientific projects and brings its know-how to support research progress. For example, we are active in european research and development projects such as Orion (ionic liquid improvement), Adios-Ru (replacement of ruthenium dyes), Artiphyction (solar hydrogen production), Cronos (modeling of DSCs) and SETNanoMetro (titania standardization).
Successful past projects include Innovasol, Solamon, EuroPSB, Napolyde, Fullspectrum and Lots DSC to name a few. Overall, these attributes ensure our strong connection with academia and technological pioneers.

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Address: Maria-Reiche-Strasse 1, D-01109 Dresden, Germany
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The SURAGUS GmbH develops, manufactures and sells eddy current-based testing technology for innovative testing tasks. The company uses new technological opportunities due to advances in signal processing, the availability of more powerful computing technologies and possibilities of new manufacturing and miniaturization methods. Applications are amongst others quality control of structured and unstructured functional layers, quality assurance of carbon fiber materials and classic conductive materials. The company is a spin-off and licensees of the Fraunhofer IKTS Dresden.
The eddy current method utilizes local conductivity variations of the test objects for the characterization of correlated quality characteristics such as thickness, conductivity, homogeneity and purity or physical changes. The complex eddy current signal contains various information about the test object which can be separated in many cases with simple or complex algorithms. Our eddy current testing technology is based on a powerful eddy current electronics with a frequency range from 10 kHz to 100 MHz, which is combined with different sensor concepts depending on the application.
Primary advantages:
Fast (EddyCus Systems measure at a rate of 50.000 measurements per second)
Suitable for automation
Broad portfolio of sensors for different applications

Applications include:
Contactless Conductivity measurement of functional thin films (e.g. TCOs, CNTs, Metallization, Silver-Nanowire)
Non-contact Orientation testing and flaw detection for Carbon fiber composites (undulations, Impacts, gases, thrust faults)
Contactless weight determination in many carbon fiber materials
Determination of gradients of super-alloys
Layer thickness measurement of thin films and coatings from 5 nm thickness
Mapping for errors in conductive layer system (cracks, voids, delaminations, etc.)

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Address: 1911 Airport Blvd., Santa Rosa, CA 95403, USA
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We have been providing solutions for advanced thermal processing since 1946. As a pioneer in the LED-sapphire and vacuum industries, we have served the lighting, renewable energy, electronics, aerospace, communications, health care, and research and development industries utilizing material applications of metals, ceramics, glass, nanopowders, crystals, and emerging material. We carry a wide variety of vacuum furnaces, hot zone parts, OEM parts and much more. Please take a look throughout our website to learn more about what we can offer as well as our laboratory furnace, production furnace, hot press system, spark plasma sintering (SPS) and direct current sintering (DCS), graphite hot zone & OEM parts, ARC melting furnace, and fiber drawing furnace products.

Products include:
Laboratory Furnace
Production Furnace
Vacuum Furnace
Hot Press System
DCS / SPS Systems
ARC Melting Furnace
Fiber Drawing Furnace
Hot Zones & OEM Parts

Aerospace Materials
Annealing / Stress Relieving
Chemical Vapor Deposition
Diffusion Bonding
Electronic Ceramics
Gem Enhancement
General Metals
Graphite Processing
Hard Metal / Cermets
Heat Treatment
LED Lighting
Metal Injection Molding
Non-Oxide Ceramics
Optical Fiber Drawing
Powder Injection Molding
Thermal Analysis

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Thermic Edge Ltd, East Sussex, UK
Address: 30 Brunel Road,, St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex TN38 9RT, UK
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Thermic Edge Ltd is a design and manufacturing business with specialist knowledge of every kind of laboratory heating applications, from basic elements or sample heaters, to complete hot stages with rotation, manipulation and substrate bias. We have standard ranges of stand alone sample heaters and flange mounted sample heaters with feedthroughs incorporated. Our sample heaters and hot stages are used in a very wide range of laboratory applications including, PVD sputtering, thermal deposition, e-beam, CVD, MOCVD, PLD, ion beam implanters, carbon nanotubes and graphene growth.

Thermic Edge Ltd can offer a range of sample heater controllers to accurately control any kind of hot stage or sample heater. Heater controllers are fitted with Eurotherm PID temperature controllers as standard, but we can incorporate any type of controller that our customers might specify.

Thermic Edge Ltd  also has a range of high temperature laboratory vacuum / inert atmosphere furnaces with graphite hot zones. These furnaces can heat a crucible or wafer to 2100C. All furnaces are plc controlled and are fully interlocked, with simple one button pump / vent operation. A choice of PID temperature controllers enables a high degree of control and programmable temperature ramping and cooling functions. Dual zone temperature control on flat wafer furnaces gives very high uniformity across the substrate.
We can offer a complete range of technical ceramic materials and components including Shapal, Macor, Alumina, Boron Nitride, Aluminium nitride and Quartz. We can also offer CVD produced ceramics such as pyrotytic boron nitride PBN and pyrolytic graphite.

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Address: Crookhall, Consett, County Durham, DH8 7ND, UK
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Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. is an independent chemical manufacturing company. With offices and warehousing in the UK, USA and China and a global network of distributors, we service the domestic and international markets and export to over 80 countries worldwide.
Founded in 1926 in Consett, in the North East of England – still home to our manufacturing facilities – Thomas Swan today produces over 100 products and offers an experienced and flexible manufacturing service.
Our independence has enabled us to take an innovative approach to chemical manufacturing. Working closely with leading universities we have developed cutting-edge technologies including the world’s first continuous-phase supercritical facility and the UK’s first commercial-scale carbon nanotube plant.
Whilst we are now a leading supplier to the international chemicals market, we have retained the flexibility and customer-focused approach of a family business which enables us to offer outstanding service and support to customers ranging from major multinationals to small start-ups.
At Thomas Swan we have always searched for new and exciting technologies. Building on our core competency in chemistry, over the years we have founded or invested in many different early stage companies. From our beginnings in road surfacing, we have diversified into a wide range of businesses including photonics (Cambridge Photonics Ltd.), protein separation (Bioprocessing Ltd.), flat screen displays (Screen Technology Ltd.), contract research (BioDynamics Research Ltd.), MOCVD reactors (Thomas Swan Scientific Equipment Ltd.) and hydrogen storage (Cella Energy Ltd.).
Our Business comprises three divisions: (1) Performance Chemicals, (2) Custom Manufacture and (3) Advanced Materials.
Our Advanced Materials division is dedicated to the supply of high performance materials which deliver value for our customers in new and emerging markets, from printable electronics, memory devices and energy storage to advanced coating and composite systems.
We were early investors in carbon nanotube technologies, forming a strong collaboration with the University of Cambridge to develop a scalable process for the manufacture of carbon nanotubes. The carbon nano-materials business was launched in 2004, and has continued to add capabilities. Today, Thomas Swan Advanced Materials can manufacture kilogramme quantities of both single-wall and multi-wall carbon nanotubes. A particular strength is our ability to manufacture high quality single-wall carbon nanotubes; our Elicarb® SW products.

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Business Phone or Fax: Tel +44 (0) 1207 505131
Address: 4 rue Valiton, Clichy, F-92110, France
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In 1988, IONBOND developed Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) a revolutionary surface treatment for anti-wear coatings. The performances of this coating were far superior to other coating on the market. These new coatings opened an opportunity for TRIBOtechnic to launch in France. After TRIBOtechnic’s launch we experienced great local success in mechanical parts for high technology; Formula 1, prothesis, medical application, tools, etc.
TRIBOtechnic was the first company to introduce DLC to the world of Formula 1 engines. This new technology allowed the French engine manufacturer to develop a competitive engine that became a six time winner of the World Champion Manufacturer title. Today, this coating has been incorporated into all Formula 1 engines and is a standard feature in sport cars.
Marc Bellantonio and his team of engineers have over 35 years of experience in the field of tribology, micro-mechanics, and the manufacturing of tribometers, scratch testers and calotesters. Since 2004, they have used their experience to create innovative and user friendly products. The implementation of new technologies, such as microprocessor and USB connections allowed TRIBOtechnic to introduce unique features and exceed our customers’ expectations. Today, TRIBOtechnic is in 25 countries and its products range from milli and macro scratch testers, milli and macro tribometers, calotesters and Rockwell adhesion test.

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