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Business Name: Solaronix, Aubonne VD, Switzerland
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A supplier of specialty materials and a Licensee of EPFL for Dye Solar Cell technology since 1994, we deliver the components used for Hybrid and Dye Solar Cell fabrication to researchers and industries worldwide.Ever since the beginning at Solaronix, an important part of the business has been devoted to the production of the key materials required for Hybrid and Dye Solar Cell fabrication processes. Thanks to a diverse portfolio of specialty chemicals and components, Solaronix supports innovation in new photovoltaic technologies, and turns scientific progress into readily available products.
Since 1996, the company delivers high quality ingredients to research centers involved in Hybrid and Dye Solar Cell technology around the world; academic laboratories or pioneering technological enterprises. Our products are available in tailored quantities for both research and industry, and we continually scale-up and introduce new products to sustain the market’s growing demand.
Our catalog encompasses all the ingredients for Dye Solar Cells, as well as products for the fabrication of Hybrid Solar Cells, Perovskite Solar Cells, and other photo-electrochemical devices:
Available Chemicals and Components
Nano-crystalline pastes of titanium dioxide, nickel oxide, and zirconium oxide.
Sensitizing Dyes and staining additives.
Ionic liquids.
Platinum catalyst precursors.
Carbon paste for conductive layers.
Sealing materials.
Transparent and electrically conductive substrates.
Labware and accessories.
Our specialists are developing and producing Solaronix’ compounds on the premises. We use Solaronix’ proven and genuine recipes to make specialty chemicals of the highest quality, meeting the requirements of high technology.
In addition to individual ingredients, Solaronix provides complete sets of components to help experimenters accelerate their work. We have different kits depending on solar cell size and intended use. They all include ready-to-use titania electrodes, counter-electrodes, and pre-cut sealing gaskets.
Our flagship products are tested in our qualification solar cells to guarantee proper operation in their final applications. Our routine laboratory cells demonstrate reliable and reproducible efficiencies of over 9%, topping at 10% for the highest efficiency samples.
Solaronix is an EPFL Sun2 license owner since 1994 and enjoys a privileged relationship with the LPI laboratory, led by Prof. Michael Grätzel, father of the Dye Solar Cell.
Our team contributes to several scientific projects and brings its know-how to support research progress. For example, we are active in european research and development projects such as Orion (ionic liquid improvement), Adios-Ru (replacement of ruthenium dyes), Artiphyction (solar hydrogen production), Cronos (modeling of DSCs) and SETNanoMetro (titania standardization).
Successful past projects include Innovasol, Solamon, EuroPSB, Napolyde, Fullspectrum and Lots DSC to name a few. Overall, these attributes ensure our strong connection with academia and technological pioneers.

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Business Address: Rue de l’Ouriette 129, Aubonne, CH-1170, Switzerland
Business Country: Switzerland

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