Powder Metallurgy and Advanced Materials
RoPM&AM 2017
Eds. Traian Florin Marinca, Bogdan Viorel Neamțu, Florin Popa
Materials Research Proceedings Volume 8
Publication Date 2018, 246 Pages
Print ISBN 978-1-945291-98-2 (release date December 5th, 2018)
ePDF ISBN 978-1-945291-99-9
DOI: 10.21741/9781945291999

The book presents recent advances in the following fields: Theoretical aspects, characterization and applications of powder and PM products. New developments in powder production and processing. Functional Materials. Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies. Health, Safety and Environmental Aspects of Particulates. All papers have been peer-reviewed.

Powder Metallurgy, Powder Characterization, Functional Materials, Nanomaterials, Health Aspects of Particulates, Environmental Aspects of Particulates, Microwires in Cellulose Matrix, Multi-layer Steel, Reactive Mechanical Milling, Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles, Linear Homopolymers, Plasma Jet Depositions on Steel, Mössbauer Spectroscopy of Nanocomposites, Manganese Silicides, Quartz Sand, Weldability Model, Thin Films for Optical MEMS, Magnetron Sputtered Thin Films, Graphene Oxide / PVC Composites, Amorphous Alloy Preparation, Zirconium-doped Indium Oxide, W/Cu Nanocomposite Powders, W/Cu Functionally Graded Materials, Reactive Magnetron Sputtering, Heusler Alloys


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Table of Contents (all papers are OPEN ACCESS / click on any title to see the full abstract and PDF)

A study of the ferromagnetic microwires retention in cellulose matrix in the security papers
Mirela Maria CODESCU, Wilhelm KAPPEL, Eugen MANTA, Eros PATROI, Delia PATROI, Remus ERDEI, Valentin MIDONI, Ion ZĂPODEANU, Marilena BURLACU

The properties of bimetallic multi-layer (C45 and S235JR) and the multi-layer steel made by forging
Ioana Monica SAS-BOCA , Dan Ioan FRUNZA, Dana Adriana ILUȚIU-VARVARA, Istvan TOMA

Reactive mechanical milling of Fe-Ni-Fe2O3 mixtures
Traian Florin MARINCA, Horea Florin CHICINAȘ, Bogdan Viorel NEAMȚU , Florin POPA, Niculina Argentina SECHEL, Ionel CHICINAȘ

Green synthesis of silver chloride nanoparticles using Rhodotorula Mucilaginosa

Helical structure of linear homopolymers

Synthesis and characterization of various surfactants for stabilized CuO powder
Alina MATEI, Vasilica ŢUCUREANU, Marian POPESCU, Cosmin ROMANIŢAN, Bogdan BIŢĂ, Ileana CERNICA

Analysis of plasma jet depositions on a C45 steel used in crankshaft manufacturing

Mössbauer spectroscopic analysis of (Nd,Pr,Dy)2(Fe,Co,Ga)14B/α-Fe permanent magnetic nanocomposites
Božidar CEKIĆ, Valentin IVANOVSKI, Mirela Maria CODESCU, Ana UMIĆEVIĆ, Katarina ĆIRIĆ, Eugen MANTA

Caracterisation of high manganese silicides prepared by mechanical milling
Victor CEBOTARI, Florin POPA, Traian Florin MARINCA, Violeta POPESCU, Ionel CHICINAŞ

Influence of the palladium coating on the hydrogen embrittlement of Ni61Nb33Zr6 amorphous tapes obtained by melt spinning
Gyorgy THALMAIER, Ioan VIDA-SIMITI, Niculina Argentina SECHEL

Study on the particle size reduction by milling of quartz sand for magnetic separation
Florin POPA, Loredana COPIL, Victor CEBOTARI, Traian Florin MARINCA, Bogdan Viorel NEAMȚU, Niculina Argentina SECHEL, Ionel CHICINAȘ

Fe2O3 hematite quantity increase in quartz sand by heat treatments
Ana COTAI, Traian Florin MARINCA, Florin POPA

New weldability model based on the welding parameters and hardness profile
Marius BODEA

Atomic force microscopy analyses on metallic thin films for optical MEMS
Violeta Valentina MERIE, Marius Sorin PUSTAN, Gavril NEGREA, Corina BÎRLEANU

Structural and optical characterization of titanium nitride thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Violeta Valentina MERIE, Andreia MOLEA, Vlad Nicolae BURNETE, Bogdan Viorel NEAMȚU, Gavril NEGREA

Green synthesis of Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGNO) / Polyvinylchloride (PVC) composites and their structural characterization

Research into the warm compaction of metal powders

A comparative study of the Co-based amorphous alloy prepared by mechanical alloying and rapid quenching
Bogdan Viorel NEAMŢU, Traian Florin MARINCA, Horea Florin CHICINAŞ, Florin POPA, Ionel CHICINAŞ, Olivier ISNARD, Gabriel ABABEI, Mihai GABOR

Comparative study of structural and optical properties of zirconium-doped indium oxide synthesized by solid state reactions and sol-gel technique
Liliana BIZO, Klara MAGYARI, Julieta Daniela CHELARU, Ovidiu NEMEŞ

Obtaining of W/Cu nanocomposite powders by high energy ball milling process
Claudiu NICOLICESCU, Victor Horia NICOARĂ, Florin POPA, Traian Florin MARINCA

Wear behavior and microhardness of some W/Cu functionally graded materials obtained by spark plasma sintering
Claudiu NICOLICESCU, Victor Horia NICOARĂ, Florin POPA, Traian Florin MARINCA

Morphology and mechanical characteristics of some TBCs used for internal combustion valves
Marius PANȚURU, Daniela CHICET, Ovidiu MOCĂNIȚA, Marcelin BENCHEA. Corneliu MUNTEANU

Composite material obtained by powder metallurgy with applications in the automotive industry
Cristina Ileana PASCU, Stefan GHEORGHE, Claudiu NICOLICESCU. Daniela TARATA

Adhesion analysis for niobium nitride thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
Florina Maria ȘERDEAN, Violeta Valentina MERIE, Gavril NEGREA, Horea George CRIȘAN

Reduction of the substitutional disorder by heat treatments in Mn2-xCoxVAl Heusler alloys
Radu GAVREA, Marin COLDEA, Lucian BARBU-TUDORAN, Olivier ISNARD, Viorel POP. Diana BENEA