Small Diameter Bamboo Plane Truss with 3C Connections


Small Diameter Bamboo Plane Truss with 3C Connections

C.A.C. Lana, L.E. Moreira

Abstract. Small diameter bamboos have been little investigated in relation to the structural application, probably because they have relatively low moment of inertia and wall thickness compared to the Dendrocalamus, Phyllostachys pubescens and Guadua bamboos. However, such bamboo species exist in large numbers in Brazilian rural areas, both with pachymorphs rhizomes and with leptomorphs rhizomes. In this paper, bamboos of the Bambusa tuldoides specie, with an average diameter of 5 cm, harvested in the vicinity of the city of Santa Luzia – MG, were used for the development of plane trusses. By avoiding to connect the bars by bolts, a composite of cotton fabric with a single-component castor-based polyurethane resin was developed, named in this paper 3C connection, or Cotton Composite Connection. Two prototypes were tested, with 3 and 4 m of free span, respectively, along with the characterization of the materials used and the bond strength. The second prototype was able to withstand 114 times the own weight, with limit load equal to 16,9 kN. The shear stress at shear bond strength reached 5,3 MPa in tension tests and 4,86 MPa in compression tests. Bamboos present modulus of elasticity in compression and tension of 16,2 GPa and 20,7 GPa respectively. The tests showed that the prototypes have a predictable behavior, easily computationally simulated, with linear load versus displacement behavior for load levels close to the limit load. The 3C connection has a better performance than connection with bolts because do not splits bamboos under large displacements.

Small Diameter Bamboos, Plane Truss, 3C Connection, Mechanical Tests

Published online , 12 pages
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Citation: C.A.C. Lana, L.E. Moreira, ‘Small Diameter Bamboo Plane Truss with 3C Connections’, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 7, pp 470-481, 2018


The article was published as article 45 of the book Non-Conventional Materials and Technologies

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