New Polymeric Composite Materials, eBook PDF version


Eds. Inamuddin, Ali Mohammad and Abdullah M. Asiri

This book reviews the latest research results in the field of polymeric composite materials and explores the technological advantages of these materials in environmental, biomedical, actuator and fuel cell applications.


New Polymeric Composite Materials
Eds. Inamuddin, Ali Mohammad and Abdullah M. Asiri
Materials Research Foundations
Volume 5 (2016)
Publication Date 2016, 402 Pages
Print ISBN 978-1-945291-08-1
ePDF ISBN 978-1-945291-09-8

Polymeric and composite materials are in high demand and their continuing development is making our life style more comfortable.
This book, ‘New Polymeric Composite Materials – Environmental, Biomedical, Actuator and Fuel Cell Applications’ brings together and broadly explores the latest developments and applications of polymeric and composite materials in the areas such as shape memory polymers, green composites for artificial organs, geomembranes for the safe disposal of waste, removal of heavy metals and dyes, adhesives, sensors and actuators, fuel cells, membrane and environmental sustainability, etc.

Composite Materials, Polymeric Composite Materials, Shape Memory Polymers, Green Composites, Artificial Organs, Geomembranes, Waste Disposal, Removal of Heavy Metals, Removal of Dyes, Adhesives, Sensors, Actuators, Fuel Cells, Membrane

Individual Chapters for Sale
Chapter 1 Shape Memory Polymers in Biomedical Applications
Chapter 2 Application of Bioactive Composite Green Polymer for the Development of Artificial Organs
Chapter 3 Evaluation of the Performance Characteristics of Polymeric Geomembranes
Chapter 4 A Concise Overview of Biofuel Cells
Chapter 5 Synthesis and Characterization of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate Intercalated Zirconium Phosphate (SDS-ZrP): A New Zinc Selective Ion- exchange Material
Chapter 6 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Tools for Predicting the Removal Efficiency of Heavy Metals by Adsorption
Chapter 7 Polyacrylamide Grafted Alginic Acid Copolymer Based Programmable Adhesive
Chapter 8 Organic-TiO2 Nano Composite Membranes
Chapter 9 Advances in Electrochemical Cholesterol Nanosensors
Chapter 10 Retention Behaviour of Synthetic Dyes on Plain and Tri-n-butylamine Impregnated Silica Gel-G and Starch Layers in Aqueous Alcohol Media
Chapter 11 An Overview of Preparation, Properties and Applications of Ionic Polymer Composite Actuators
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