Effect of Natural Additives as Coconut Milk on the Shooting and Rooting Media of in vitro Barhi Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

Effect of Natural Additives as Coconut Milk on the Shooting and Rooting Media of in vitro Barhi Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

H.S. Ghazzawy, S.F. El-Sharabasy

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Abstract. The objective of the research study was to determine the effect of addition of different concentrations of three types of natural additives on Date Palm cv. Barhi: (1.25g/l, 2.5g/l, 5.0g/l for Casein Hydrolysate and 10%, 20%, 30% for (Coconut Milk and Yeast Extract), in addition to the control (0.05 BA mg/l) for shooting stage and (0.1 NAA mg/l, 3 g/l AC) for rooting stage. The results show that the use of 30% Coconut Milk achieved a high number of shoots and the highest shoot length was recorded with 10% Coconut Milk. In the date palm rooting stage, the results show that the use of 30% Coconut Milk increased the number of roots, shoot thickness and rooting percentage. However, root length was increased with 10% Coconut Milk. The lowest values were recorded with using Yeast Extract in this stage.

natural additives, Barhi, Casein Hydrolysate, coconut milk, yeast extract

Published online 4/20/2019, 7 pages
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Citation: H.S. Ghazzawy, S.F. El-Sharabasy, Effect of Natural Additives as Coconut Milk on the Shooting and Rooting Media of in vitro Barhi Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.), Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 11, pp 186-192, 2019

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644900178-13

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