Layered double Hydroxide Based Biosensors


Layered double Hydroxide Based Biosensors

Nadeem Baig, Azeem Rana

Layered double hydroxide is a unique layered material with numerous fascinating characteristics. The tunable composition, interlayer spaces, uniform distribution of cations, exchangeable anions and swelling characteristics make them extraordinary material. The desired LDH can be prepared through many routes with low-cost precursors. For biosensor fabrication, the LDH is also getting great attention due to its active sites, biocompatible environment, facile loading of the catalyst and enzyme stability. Moreover, the exchangeable anions also provide room for the entrance of other charged biomolecules Layered double hydroxide improved the biosensor sensitivity by pre-concentrating the analyte into the layers of the LDH. This book chapter focused on the properties of LDH, fabrication of LDH based biosensors and their electroanalytical applications for sensing of various analytes.

Chemically Modified Electrodes, Clay, Biosensor Fabrication, Electrochemical Sensor, Biomolecule

Published online 3/25/2019, 26 pages

Citation: Nadeem Baig, Azeem Rana, Layered double Hydroxide Based Biosensors, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 47, pp 131-156, 2019


Part of the book on Biosensors

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