Fabrication of Diamond/SiC Composites using HIP from the Mixtures of Diamond and Si Powders

Fabrication of Diamond/SiC Composites using HIP from the Mixtures of Diamond and Si Powders

Ken Hirota, Motoyasu Aoki, Masaki Kato, Minoru Ueda, Yoichi Nakamori

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Abstract. Diamond/SiC=75/25~50/50vol% composites have been fabricated utilizing a liquid-phase reaction sintering during hot isostatic pressing (HIP) at 1450°C under 196 MPa for 2 h from the mixtures of diamond and Si powders. They were mixed for 30 min in ethanol. After drying, they were compacted uniaxially and isostatically (245 MPa). They were pre-heated at 950°C for 2 h (Process I) or solidified using pulsed electric-current pressure sintering (PECPS) at 1350 or 1450°C for 10 min under 50 MPa in a vacuum (Process II). Both compacts prepared via “Process I” or “II” were densified by Pyrex-glass capsule HIPing (1450°C/2h/196MPa/Ar). The high relative density has been achieved at the composition of diamond/SiC=55/45vol% using Process II. In order to increase Vickers hardness (Hv), a small amount of B4C particles have been added to diamond/SiC= 55/45vol% composites using “Process II” at 1350°C and followed by HIP. The Hv values increased from 37.3 to 40.5 GPa at 5vol% B4C addition.

Diamond, SiC, B4C, Liquid-Phase Reaction Sintering, Vickers Hardness

Published online 2/11/2019, 7 pages
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Citation: Ken Hirota, Motoyasu Aoki, Masaki Kato, Minoru Ueda, Yoichi Nakamori, Fabrication of Diamond/SiC Composites using HIP from the Mixtures of Diamond and Si Powders, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 10, pp 190-196, 2019

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21741/9781644900031-25

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