Hardness of metals

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PortableTesters.com LLC has its offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For over a decade, our company has been and continues to be operated as an internet or e-commerce business. We have been selling high-quality electronic handheld portable testing instruments on a worldwide basis. Our instruments are competitively-priced and warranted for good performance. We have an in-house technical department which can handle warranty service and any other required repairs on the instruments that we sell.
Our products meet the demands of engineering, manufacturing and quality control entities, among others. We strive to offer instruments that are manufactured with high-quality industrial-level components for better performance in the user environment. Where applicable, we adhere to national and international technical standards such as CE, ASTM, ISO, etc. To better serve our customers, we are working continuously to upgrade our present offerings and to introduce new products.
Our mission is to provide on-line buyers with descriptions, features, pictures and technical specifications for an interesting and diverse group of state-of-the-art electronic portable testing instruments. To better assist the potential purchaser with selection of instruments and optional features for intended use, we are anxious to encourage verbal communication with them by means of our toll-free telephone number. We completely subscribe to the notion that customer service is paramount to our business success.
Our customers are engaged in a wide spectrum of activities, including the on-site examination of heavy machinery and equipment, in-process inspection in manufacturing, laboratory programs, maintenance inspection of storage tanks and piping, engineering services as well as many other applications.
Our instruments are primarily used for testing metals, alloys and plastics. We offer a fine selection of portable handheld instruments for checking:
Surface roughness
Hardness of metals
Coating thickness
Surface gloss
Wall thickness
Flaw detection
Microscopic examination