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Stericox Sterilizer Systems India
A 100/1, Street No. 15
Gamri Extn. Delhi 110053.
Stericox Sterilizer Systems India is an ISO and CE certified laboratory equipment manufacturers in India, expert in customized research equipment for pharma, biotech, food and beverage and light industrial production and testing.

Originally started in 1978 as autoclave manufacturing firm, Stericox Sterilizer Systems India is now well known in microbiology laboratory equipment.  Over 40 years, the company has installed thousands of equipment all over India. Our passion is to design, manufacture and supply energy efficient laboratory equipment.

Stericox Sterilizer Systems India has own ISO and CE certified manufacturing unit (factory) located in Delhi. The factory is equipped with latest machines and instruments to design world class microbiology equipment. Each equipment is designed with relevant quality standards. Before dispatch, each equipment is tested at various parameters in order to deliver a product that can be used anywhere without any problem.

Our clients range includes biomedical laboratories, food industries, chemical industries, steel companies, hospitals, agriculture research centers and many more.


Our products are:

  1. Autoclave
  2. Biosafety cabinets
  3. BOD incubator
  4. Dry heat sterilizer
  5. Environmental test chambers
  6. Fume hood
  7. Laminar air flow cabinets
  8. Blood bank refrigerators
  9. Ultra low temperature freezers
  10. Laboratory deep freezers
  11. Hot air oven
Stericox Sterilizer Systems India