RBD Instruments Inc., Bend OR, USA
2437 NE Twin Knolls Dr., Suite 2, Bend, OR 97701, USA
Provider of surface analysis systems and components and tools for materials science. Including sputter ion guns, signal detection solutions, thin film surface analysis, water vapor desorption, UV sources and in situ rapid specimen heating.

RBD Instruments was founded in 1990 as a parts and service supplier for PHI (Perkin Elmer, Physical Electronics) Auger, XPS, and SIMS systems and components. Over the next 27 years, our company has become the world-wide leader in the development of software and hardware upgrade products for many legacy surface analysis systems.

Since then, RBD has gone on to produce innovative products for the high-vacuum and ultra high-vacuum industries. Our customers include world-leading research centers, universities, and manufacturers.

Surface analysis systems & components –   Compact Auger Electron Spectrometer (CMA)
Sputter ion sources – Popular IG2 package is the lowest priced sputter solution on the market
Electron & ion current measurement – 9103 USB data logging picoammeter floats up t0 1500V DC
Water vapor desorption – Remove water vapor and hydro carbons
UHV accessories – Copper gaskets, ion gauge filaments, sputter standards
Surface analysis software – Upgrades for Physical Electronics XPS and AES systems

We also provide refurbished PHI XPS X-ray Photo Electron Spectrometer systems that include installation and a full one year warranty