TREK, INC., Lockport NY, USA
190 Walnut Street, Lockport, NY 14094, USA
Decades of design and manufacturing expertise in electrostatics and high voltage amplifiers provide a firm foundation for Trek to offer high performance products that address needs for measurement and power solutions in research and industry.

For nearly 50 years, TREK , INC. has been providing innovative electrostatic measurement and high-voltage power solutions to customers worldwide. Trek’s superior engineering design capability and manufacturing facilities allow us to provide high quality, cost-effective products and services to meet market needs and customer-specific applications.

Our proprietary technology and technical expertise, coupled with our long-term relationships, sets us apart from our competitors and has made us the leader in the markets we serve.

Trek’s commitment to develop new technologies will enable us to continue to provide current and future customers with innovative solutions.

A significant portion of Trek’s business is derived from the design and manufacture of custom products for OEM customers. Trek has been supplying solutions to some of these customers for over 20 years. Although we cannot disclose information about our custom OEM designs, the following provides some perspective on our capabilities. If this information interests you, please contact us to initiate a dialogue regarding your specific requirements for custom-designed product solutions.

Research & Development
Power Amplification

Metrology: These products are used for precision measurements of voltage and surface charge distributions; resistance and resistivity meters are also utilized.

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Altechna, Vilnius, Lithuania
Mokslininku st. 6A, LT-08412 Vilnius, Lithuania

Altechna is a supplier of laser related products and solutions, specializing in the following key fields of activity:
Laser related components.
Distribution of well-known photonics industry brands in local markets.
R&D solutions in laser optics.
Manufacturing of laser related components.
Quality assurance and measurements to guarantee the highest quality.

Product Categories:
Laser Optics
Polarization Optics
Laser Crystals
Nonlinear Crystals
Laser Accessories

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Delta Photonics, Ottawa ON, Canada
First Floor, A6-2285 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1G 4Z4, Canada

Delta Photonics Inc. is an independently owned manufacturers’ representative and distributor. From our Eastern sales and distribution center in Ottawa Ontario and our Western sales office in Victoria British Columbia, we serve the dynamic and growing Canadian Photonics market, from coast to coast.

We have partnered with leading manufacturers of complementary products and services from around the world who provide: Optical Components and Systems, Opto-Mechanics, Lasers, Instrumentation and Scientific Cameras.

The customers we serve include research laboratories as well as manufacturers of scientific and industrial equipment. These customers are involved in markets such as bio-photonics, physical sciences, metrology and materials characterization.


Cameras: Scientific cameras for physical and life science imaging covering X-Ray, UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, THz and high speed cameras. Technologies include EMCCD, ICCD, CCD, CMOS, sCMOS InGaAs, focal plane arrays.

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Elliott Scientific, Harpenden, UK
3 Allied Business Centre, Coldharbour Lane, Harpenden AL5 4UT, UK

Elliot Scientific is a major supplier of Opto-Mechanic, Laser, Cryogenic, and Magnetic components and systems to the Scientific, Research and Industrial communities. We design and manufacture our own ranges that are marketed under the Elliot|Martock and Elliot Scientific brands, and also supply world class products sourced from many British, North American, European and Far Eastern companies.
We are uniquely positioned to assist our customers, being able to:
Supply competitive components and systems;
Source, integrate and manufacture complex systems;
Design and manufacture for Custom or OEM requirements
The Elliot|Martock and Elliot Scientific own brand products include our award winning optical tweezer systems, the lab essentials mirror mount range, fibre positioning components, waveguide manipulators, automated alignment systems, micropositioners and an expanding portfolio of other class-leading products.
All of our customers – from academic institutions and government agencies through to commercial researchers and industry – are provided with the highest levels of service backed up by solid technical support from our team of experienced engineers.
Development of novel materials and their characterisation is supported by Elliot Scientific’s close relationship with leading suppliers of high resolution equipment for examining the properties of materials at cryogenic temperatures, in magnetic environments, at the microscopic level, manually or automatically.

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Gooch & Housego, Ilminster, UK
Dowlish Ford, Ilminster TA19 0PF, UK

Gooch & Housego is a photonics technology business headquartered in Ilminster Somerset, UK with operations in the USA and Europe. A world leader in its field, the company researches, designs, engineers and manufactures advanced photonic systems, components and instrumentation for applications in the Aerospace & Defense, Industrial, Life Sciences and Scientific Research sectors. World leading design, development and manufacturing expertise is offered across a broad range of complementary technologies.
Gooch & Housego researches, design, engineers and manufactures photonic assemblies, systems and components based upon the following key enabling technologies:
Acousto-Optics: Q-switches, tunable filters (AOTF), modulators (multi or single channel), deflectors, pulse pickers and cavity dumpers, frequency shifters, mode lockers.
Electro-Optics: from G&H grown crystals: Pockels cells – BBO LightGate, CdTe IRX , KD*P, TX series large aperture and lithium niobate Q-switches.
Fiber Optics: Active and passive – fiber optic components, fiber optic assemblies, fiber coupled AOM, DFB and DBR Lasers, DFB laser drivers, single mode pump lasers, multi mode pump lasers, high speed, detectors. Manufacturing for rugged environments including high reliability and space.
Precision Optics: Thin film coating, birefringent, non-linear, planar and aspheric optics, assemblies, crystalline optics, infra-red Optics, glass engineering, research grade mirror substrates, ring laser gyroscope optics, sapphire polishing, silicon carbide polishing, solid etalons, superpolishing, waveplates, X-ray and synchrotron. Manufacturing opto-mechanical assemblies.
RF Electronics: Q-switch drivers, modulator drivers, AOTF drivers, fiber-coupled AOM drivers, AO device drivers.
Instrumentation: Spectroradiometers, spectral Imaging and synthesis, spectral radiance and luminance standards, spectral irradiance and illuminance standards, reflectance standards, integrating spheres, radiometer / photometers, detector standards, precision constant current sources, imaging photometers, colorimeters / photometers.

Tel +44 1460 256440
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Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd., Kochi, Kerala, India
B.7., H.M.T. Industrial Estate, HMT P.O, Klamassery, Kochi, Kerala 683 503, India

Established in 1993 and located in Kochi, India, Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd. manufactures a variety of scientific and engineering instruments for research, industry and education. Our products in the fields of spectroscopy, microscopy, holography and thin films reflect capabilities we have in multitudes of disciplines, be it optics, mechanics, photonics, electronics or computer science.

Positioning Devices
Physical Lab Instruments
Lab Equipment
Analytical Instruments
Imaging & Measuring Instruments

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Laser 2000 (UK), Huntingdon Cambridgeshire, UK
Unit 9, Avro Court, Ermine Business Park, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE29 6XS, UK

Laser 2000 is a world leader in the distribution of photonics products. We provide our customers with products that generate light, modify it, move it, and measure it. We lead the way in innovation by supplying state-of-the-art solutions, utilising the latest photonics and optoelectronic technologies. We work in partnership with our customers to provide customised solutions for even the most demanding applications and pride ourselves on our unfailing expertise, product quality and reliability.
We know that selecting the right product for your application is critical. This is why our highly qualified staff work with you to find the optimum combination of performance, features and cost. We provide assistance in helping you to find the product that matches your needs, including determining what those needs are for your application.
All Laser 2000 products meet rigorous standards of quality and specification, at competitive prices.
We regularly attend trade exhibitions, meetings and events to look out for and review the latest technologies. The suppliers we use are selected following careful consideration of the value they represent to our customers. In addition, our team has continuous product and application related training with the product developers to provide you with the best possible support.
By continuing to give you support and advice, with knowledgeable staff working in your time zone, we help you to prevent and reduce downtime. Even after many years of service.
Product Categories:
Laser Accessories
Laser Test & Measurement
Motorised Stages & Positioners
Optics & Optomechanics
Microscopy & Imaging

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Newport Corp, Irvine CA, USA
1791 Deere Avenue, Irvine, CA 92606, USA

Newport Corporation is a leading global supplier of advanced technology products and solutions for Scientific Research, Life & Health Science, Aerospace & Defense, Photovoltaics, Industrial Manufacturing, Semiconductors, and Microelectronics markets. Established in 1969, Newport has over 40 years of industry knowledge and expertise across a broad range of technologies allowing the company to continually deliver innovative products in the areas lasers, photonics instrumentation, sub-micron positioning systems, vibration isolation, optical components and subsystems and precision automation to enhance the capabilities and productivity of its customers’ manufacturing, engineering and research applications. In Addition, Newport has built a strong history of partnering with OEM customers delivering solutions from subassemblies to full solutions including design, testing and manufacturing.
Understanding the specific needs of customers, Newport recognized the need for integrated expertise and solutions. Today, Newport manufactures a vast array of advanced technology products and includes industry leading brands such as Corion®, New Focus™, Oriel® Instruments, Richardson Gratings™ and Spectra-Physics®.
Newport’s Spectra-Physics Lasers Division has long been recognized as the laser technology leader – serving customers in over 70 countries around the world. Founded in 1961 and acquired by Newport in 2004, Spectra-Physics offers a broad portfolio of laser technology products and services to original equipment manufacturers and end-user customers across a wide range of markets and applications. Laser and laser-based systems including ultrafast lasers and amplifiers, diode-pumped solid-state lasers, diode lasers, high-energy pulsed lasers, tunable lasers, gas lasers, and fiber lasers and amplifiers.
Newport has a significant worldwide presence, with 11 manufacturing facilities located in the United States, China, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. We proudly serve customers through direct sales offices located in the United States, China, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and the United Kingdom, and through a vast network of independent distributors and sales representatives throughout the rest of the world.
Products & Systems:
Motion Control
Lasers and Light Sources
Light Analysis

Scientific Research
Life and Health Science
Defense & Security

Custom/OEM Solutions
Motion Control
Optical Solutions
Vibration Control
Photovoltaics Manufacturing
Vacuum Compatible Products
Custom Components

Fax: (949) 253-1680
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Opto Alignment, Indian Trail NC, USA
1034 Van Buren Ave, Indian Trail, NC 28079, USA

The experts at Opto Alignment can improve the performance of your system by providing opto-mechanical design support, in-house precision tolerance machining, lens assembly, and metrology on the Laser Alignment and Assembly StationTM (LASTM).Our proprietary software package (CalcuLensTM) allows for individual lens surface tilt and centration measurement, as well as air gap and center thickness measurement during assembly or for stack inspection.
Opto Alignment also provides lens cleaning and handling solutions with vacuum pickup tools (ROTOWANDTM), lens cleaning and edge blackening stations (Lens HandlerTM) and lint free lens wipes (OPTO-WIPESTM). Opto Alignment has been manufacturing and utilizing precision optical assembly equipment for delivering customer driven results since 1992.

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Optotune Switzerland AG , Dietikon, Switzerland
Bernstrasse 388, CH-8953 Dietikon, Switzerland

Optotune offers a broad range of in-house expertise. Our core competence lies in the optoelectromechanical design of optical systems, in the understanding of our materials and in the control of accurate and clean manufacturing processes.