Address: 3470 Mainway, Burlington, Ontario L7M 1A8, Canada
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At Johnsen Ultravac (JUV), a Division of Johnsen Machine Company Limited we strive to build the highest quality, most reliable, vacuum equipment available anywhere. Our vacuum equipment delivers total value to our global customers in terms of payback, low maintenance, flexibility and durability.

If your materials research requires an ultra high vacuum chamber it may be of interest to know that our UHV chambers routinely operate in the 5 x 10E-11 Torr base pressure range.

If your research requires complex 6-axis XYZ manipulators or Linear translators JUV offers the widest range in UHV instrumentation. With optional electron beam heating and Helium cooled cryostats our modular sample holder arrangements are leading the industry in temperature range (10° K to 1,500° K), motion, accuracy and repeatability.

If Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation is your interest the JUV SRI Product line for Light Sources includes Monochromators for X-ray Beam lines, Front-ends, Photon and Safety Shutters. Other SRI products include Collimators, Mask assemblies, Mirror chambers and Safety Shutters.

If your research is in Electro-photonic, Opto-electronics or Semi-conductor devices the JUV 6000 series combine the latest E-Beam Evaporation, ECR-CVD and ICP-CVD deposition technology.

If your research is in Materials Science, Nano Technology or Super Conductivity the JUV 6100 series combine the latest in RF-DC Sputtering, RF-ICP Plasma Spray and Pulsed LASER (PLD) deposition technology.

If you require products for testing of Satellite Instruments such as IR Sensors our products for the Aerospace Industry include Blackbodies, Bench coolers and Space Simulation Systems.

Also, with our staff of engineers with vacuum and cryogenic experience JUV leads the industry in CUSTOM design and manufacturing capabilities. Why not put the JUV team to work for you.

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Photon etc, Montreal, Canada
Address: 5795 DE GASPE AVENUE,, MONTREAL, QC, H2S 2X3, Canada
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Photon etc. provides scientific imaging solutions for a vast array of applications. From solar cells to live cells, our fast and integrated hyperspectral imaging systems provide solutions to industrials challenges, and give researchers access to the latest innovations in optical and photonic instrumentation. In addition to our recognized hyperspectral microscopy and wide-field systems, we have developed unique near infrared cameras specifically adapted to industrial applications. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our standard products, let us know, our innovative team is always ready to transform ideas into solutions!

Infrared Cameras
Tunable Sources & Filters
Hyperspectral Widefield Imaging
Hyperspectral Microscopy
Analysis Software

Life Sciences
Material Analysis
Space and Astronomy

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Tornado Spectral Systems, Toronto, Canada
Address: 555 Richmond Street West, Suite 402, Toronto, ON, M5V 3B1, Canada
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Tornado Spectral Systems designs, manufactures, and sells dispersive optical spectrometers and systems primarily for Raman spectroscopy and spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT). Raman spectroscopy is a powerful analytical technique but Raman systems have traditionally been limited by a lack of sensitivity due to the input slit trade-off between resolution and throughput. Tornado’s proprietary high throughput virtual slit (HTVS™) design technique eliminates spectrometer slit losses while maintaining high spectral resolution, resulting in an order of magnitude improvement in sensitivity. Tornado’s HyperFlux™ HTVS-enabled spectrometers and spectroscopy systems are the perfect solutions for lab and process Raman as well as many other spectroscopy applications. With higher sensitivity than ever before possible, they provide faster measurement for dynamic reactions and transient features, more accurate chemical identification and quantitation even with challenging mixtures and low concentrations, and low laser power operation in hazardous environments. Tornado’s knowledge and expertise in dispersive spectroscopy has also been applied to SD-OCT, for which a spectrometer is a key component of the instrumentation. OCT-Prime is a small, robust, and high-performance solution ideally suited for ophthalmic imaging and other medical and industrial measurement applications. Discover how Tornado’s spectroscopy solutions can improve your quality, efficiency, and economics!

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QuantumWise, Copenhagen, Denmark
Address: Fruebjergvej 3, Postbox 4, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
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QuantumWise develops commercial software for fast and reliable atomic-scale modeling of nanostructures, fully supported and delivered in an easy-to-use interface, tailored from state-of-the-art methods, and developed by experts to the specifications of our customers.

QuantumWise is a self-funded, privately owned company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with local representation in Japan, Singapore and the United States. We sell our software products to several hundred companies, government labs, and universities around the world. QuantumWise was started in 2008, built on the company Atomistix (founded in 2003), which brought the academic transport code TranSIESTA into the commercial marketplace.

At present, QuantumWise has more than 20 employees world-wide, working with developing the code and supporting our users. Most of our employees have a Ph.D. in physics or chemistry, and/or are seasoned programmers with long experience in numerical modeling and GUI development.

QuantumWise positions itself as a facilitator by interacting with both the research community to extract state-of-the-art methods and techniques, and with researchers in companies and universities that seek to utilize these tools. We strive to deliver these advanced numerical tools in an easy-to-use package. Our primary aim is to make the most advanced simulation techniques within atomic-scale modeling available to a broad community of users.

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Address: Vajossuonkatu 8, FIN 20360 Turku, Finland
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Thin film deposition in ultra high vacuum (UHV) environment is our business. We design and manufacture advanced thin film deposition systems for Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), UHV Magnetron Sputtering and Pulsed Laser Deposition. Since the company was founded in 1989, DCA has installed more than 200 UHV systems around the world.
We are a Finnish company located in Turku, in the southwest corner of Finland. We offer our customers high quality Finnish design and workmanship. A large part of our business has always been building complex, custom design deposition systems. We utilize our custom design background in the manufacturing of our standard systems. Our design flexibility is valued by our customers. Many of our standard systems have started as a solution to a customer’s particular deposition process.
DCA is the world leader in oxide MBE. We have systematically developed our oxide technology, oxygen resistant substrate heating and oxygen resistant sources since 1993. Therefore many leading laboratories have chosen DCA oxide technology. Our compound semiconductor MBE systems are in use around the world, both in R&D and in epiwafer production. DCA is continuously developing new sources and other MBE components for advanced compound semiconductor epitaxy.
Our standard system range extends from small R&D systems with 10 mm x 10 mm sample size to multi-wafer 4 x 4? and 200 mm MBE and sputtering systems. DCA was the first to introduce a true UHV cluster tool with a UHV robot for automatic wafer handling..

R&D MBE Systems
Production MBE Systems
Custom MBE Systems
MBE Components
UHV Sputtering
Substrate Transfer Systems

Oxide Epitaxy
Semiconductor Laser Research and Production
Combinatorial Thin Film Deposition
Semiconductor Nanostructures and Novel Devices

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Address: Höyläämötie 7, Helsinki 00380, Finland
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Biolin Scientific is a leading Nordic instrumentation company with roots in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Our customers include companies working with pharmaceuticals, energy, chemicals, and advanced materials, as well as academic and governmental research institutes. Our precision instruments help discover better drugs faster, develop better solutions for energy and materials, and perform research at the frontiers of science and technology.
Biolin Scientific proprietary systems are based on nanotechnology and advanced measurement techniques. They have earned leadership in several industries through our commitment to scientific excellence and continuous product development.
KSV NIMA Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett deposition troughs are the leading instruments for fabrication of organized monolayers and multilayer molecular structures at interfaces applying over 25 years of expertise. We offer the widest range of Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett troughs and related characterization tools on the market.
Today, KSV NIMA instruments are used in research and development globally, by 97% of the world’s top one hundred natural life science universities including MIT, Berkeley, Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Stanford, Toronto and Tokyo. KSV NIMA products are also used by some of the most renowned research institutes and companies in the world such as NASA, General Electric, 3M, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Abbott, Samsung, AkzoNobel, Toyota and Hitachi.
KSV NIMA instruments are being utilized in nanotechnology research, surface chemistry, surface physics, biophysics, colloidal research, biochemistry and materials development.
Originally two separate companies, KSV of Finland and NIMA, from the UK, merged together in 2010 under the Biolin Scientific Group, uniting both product ranges under the new KSV NIMA brand.

Address: 8 avenue Buffon, Orleans 45063, France
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For over 40 years, the company CILAS has developed recognised expertise in laser and optical technologies. Today, CILAS develops, industrialises and markets a wide range of products and systems using these high technologies.

Defence and civil and military security, scientific and industrial instrumentation, cutting-edge optical components and major scientific laser programmes are its main markets.
With half of its turnover being generated by direct exports, CILAS is furthering its international development while continuing to develop and improve the latest technologies for future products designed to meet emerging needs.

Products include:
Particle Size Analyzers
Optical Coating
Deformable Mirrors
Optical Ceramics

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Address: 7 rue Xavier Marmier, 25000 Besançon, France
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LovaLite is a young innovative company founded in 2004, commanding a manufacturing process for near-field microscopy micro-optical components. LovaLite design, manufacture and sell products for optics, micro-optics and nano-technology. LovaLite also distributes products from A.P.E.Research and Lumerical.
LovaLite had been awarded: (1) the 2004 OSEO innovative company creation award, and (2) the 2005 Bronze Photon award from the “Association Française des Professionnels de l’OptiqueOur aim is to fully satisfy our customers and provide them high quality products we manufacture or had selected on the market. We want to give our customers access to the most advanced technologies.
LovaLite is also partner of the optic photonic French association (AFOP) and from 2008 corporate member of SPIE (International Society for Optics and Photonics).

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Business Phone or Fax: Fax: +33 3 81 41 01 87
Address: 10 rue Xavier Bichat, Le Mans, F-72000, France
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NANOLANE is specialized in optical solutions at nanoscale and commercializes characterization tools based on the label-free patented SEEC (Surface Enhanced Ellipsometry Contrast) optical technique which extends the analysis possibilities of optical systems in the field of nanotechnologies.

Our products are suitable for characterization in the following topics: Life Sciences, Materials, nano-objects…To guarantee the quality and the performances of our products, NANOLANE benefits from specific work areas such as optical laboratories and ISO3 class clean room to test and develop for you new optical solutions. Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we also provide expertise in topics such as optical systems, thin films and coatings and image processing.
Nanolane benefits from a complete expertise in optics which allows it to optimize the optical microscopy to make it a technique of successful analysis in the field of the nanotechnologies.
This expertise is now offered to answer your issues in optical visualization and characterization. Nanolane proposes the study, the design and the manufacture of optical dedicated systems (i.e. optics for AFM, RAMAN…).
SEEC slides consist of a stack of optical layers piled up on a thick base of silicon or glass. The astounding optical properties of SEEC slides result from a rigorous control of the conditions and parameters under which specific optical layers are being deposited onto supporting plates. Thanks to this know-how, Nanolane offers you solutions in surface treatment, nano-patterning, coating… fitting your needs.
Nanolane has developed a proprietary software including the camera control, the images/videos recording and also a powerful image processing analysis tool (image processing in real-time) very appreciated by users to get high-resolution images.

This competence in software design and image processing analysis is now offered to users looking for samples with a high definition. Nanolane can design and manufacture for you dedicated tools for your applications.
Materials Applications include:
Thin Films

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Address: Koeniginstrasse 11a, 80539 Muenchen, Germany
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Attocube systems is the partner of choice for research laboratories and OEM customers all over the world. The close cooperation with the scientific community is the foundation for our success. It creates unique synergies of pioneering ideas and turns them into products perfectly tailored to the requirements of today’s challenges in the nanotechnology world. The product portfolio comprises integrated system solutions as well as single components for use in industry and science:

atto Dry Lab
Fully automated, cryogen-free nano-characterization platform with a variety of different measurement options.

atto Microscopy
Measurement inserts for nano-characterization of surfaces & bulk materials at low temperatures & high magnetic fields.

Ultra precise optical sensors for real-time displacement and vibration measurement with picometer resolution.

Dry & liquid cryostats, optimized for most sensitive measurement techniques at variable temperature & high magnetic field.

Piezo-based nanopositioners for research & industry applications. Suitable for ambient to extreme environments.

Electronic & software control units: Advanced control electonics and software modules for attocube’s nanopositioners and microscopes.

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