TREK, INC., Lockport NY, USA
190 Walnut Street, Lockport, NY 14094, USA
Decades of design and manufacturing expertise in electrostatics and high voltage amplifiers provide a firm foundation for Trek to offer high performance products that address needs for measurement and power solutions in research and industry.

For nearly 50 years, TREK , INC. has been providing innovative electrostatic measurement and high-voltage power solutions to customers worldwide. Trek’s superior engineering design capability and manufacturing facilities allow us to provide high quality, cost-effective products and services to meet market needs and customer-specific applications.

Our proprietary technology and technical expertise, coupled with our long-term relationships, sets us apart from our competitors and has made us the leader in the markets we serve.

Trek’s commitment to develop new technologies will enable us to continue to provide current and future customers with innovative solutions.

A significant portion of Trek’s business is derived from the design and manufacture of custom products for OEM customers. Trek has been supplying solutions to some of these customers for over 20 years. Although we cannot disclose information about our custom OEM designs, the following provides some perspective on our capabilities. If this information interests you, please contact us to initiate a dialogue regarding your specific requirements for custom-designed product solutions.

Research & Development
Power Amplification

Metrology: These products are used for precision measurements of voltage and surface charge distributions; resistance and resistivity meters are also utilized.

ZYGO Corp. (Div. Of AMETEK), Middlefield CT, USA
Laurel Brook Road, Middlefield, CT 06455-1291, USA

Zygo Corporation is a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced optical metrology systems and ultra-precise optical components and assemblies.
Our Metrology business segment is comprised of three major groups: optical surface profilers, laser interferometers, and stage position metrology. The products and systems produced by these groups employ various optical phase analysis techniques for measuring displacement, surface shape and texture, and film thickness. Applications for our metrology products are diverse, and include precision machining, optical manufacturing, and semiconductor manufacturing, as well as many others.
Our Optics business segment is comprised of two major groups: Electro-Optics and Optical Components. These groups leverage ZYGO’s expertise in optical design and assembly, and high-volume manufacturing of precision optical components and systems, for aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial applications.
Recognized as a valued partner by its customers for innovative technology, application expertise, product reliability, and responsiveness, ZYGO leverages its differentiated core competencies in metrology and optics to assist these customers in becoming leaders in their respective markets.
Founded in 1970, and headquartered in Middlefield, Connecticut, USA, ZYGO’s global operations are supported by approximately 500 dedicated and highly-skilled individuals around the world. Throughout its history, ZYGO has been driven by a passion for innovation, as evidenced by approximately 1,200 patents awarded since the Company’s founding.
In 2014, ZYGO became part of the Ultra Precision Technologies Division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electro-mechanical devices. With annual sales over $4 billion, AMETEK has more than 15,000 colleagues at nearly 150 operating locations, and a network of sales, service and support locations across the United States and in 30 other countries. ZYGO enjoys mutually-beneficial relationships with its AMETEK sister companies, collaborating on technologies and sharing resources in order to provide the best possible experience for our customers.
While we are a part of the AMETEK family, we are still the same Zygo Corporation that you have known and trusted for over 45 years, committed to serving your precision metrology and optics needs now and in the future.

Metrology Products:
Optical Surface Profilers
Laser Interferometers
Semiconductor Systems
Stage Position Metrology
Testing & Certification Services

Optical Components Group

Electro-Optics Group:
Engineering & Product Development
Electro-Optical Assembly
Opto-Mechanical Assembly
Turnkey System Manufacturing

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Beneq, Espoo, Finland
PO Box 4, FI-02201 Espoo, Finland

Beneq is a leading player in thin film coatings. Our product and service range covers thin film production and research equipment, comprehensive contract coating services and thin film based electroluminescent display, both standard and see-through.
We explore and develop atomic layer deposition (ALD) and aerosol-based coating for high-end research and concrete production environments. Having served academia, R&D and the industry for nine years now, we are relied on in high-end research programs and collaborations. Our success has its foundation in our strategy, which drives us to identify our customers’ needs, understand and develop solutions, and commercialize it as products or services, or both.
As an integral part of our business culture, we protect and defend our know-how, processes and products. This benefits not only ourselves, but also our customers. To date, our patent portfolio contains well over 100 patent families.
The acquisition in 2012 of the Finnish-based thin film electroluminescence (EL) business from Planar Systems, Inc. is a natural next step in Beneq’s strategy to bring ALD into industrial production. Thin film electroluminescence (TFEL) is a global spearhead in digital display technology, and developing it allows us to substantially expand our own corporate portfolio in world-leading ALD technology and thereto-related products. The name of the new Beneq business unit, Lumineq Displays, and the initiative we have taken to develop it, stands for Beneq’s strong commitment to TFEL technology and the industrial production of other ALD-enabled products.

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Delong America, Montreal, Canada
4020 Rue St-Ambroise, Suite 473, Montreal Quebec H4C 2C7, Canada

The Delong Group of Companies operates in the high tech, engineering design, manufacturing and sales sectors and spans two continents with operations in Europe and North America.
Our facilities in Brno, Czech Republic are specialized in the design and manufacturing of precision components, electron optics and vacuum technologies. Our new building is equipped with the latest in design and precision manufacturing innovations.
Low voltage transmission electron microscopes – LVEM5, LVEM 25.
Low voltage scanning electron microscopes – from 0 V up to 25 kV.
Compact powerful Schottky electron guns – from 2 kV up to 12 kV.
Unique solutions of electron-optical devices.

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FiberControl, Holmdel NJ, USA
P.O. Box 198, Holmdel, NJ 07733, USA

FIBERCONTROL designs and manufactures high quality, innovative polarization related products for a host of applications within the fiber optic industry. Our customers include researchers, developers, and manufacturers working in the area of fiber optics for telecommunication equipment providers, optical/electro-optic component suppliers, and research institutes within universities.
Our products include fiber based polarization stabilizers, polarization controllers and polarization-state scramblers. All products are patented or licensed. Close collaborations with major telecommunication equipment providers as well as test/measurement providers around the world, enable our products to find immediate application and more fully meet the needs of the end user. In fact, many of our customers interact directly with us to define, specify, and finally trial our products to meet their individual needs.
FiberControl world headquarters are located in Holmdel, NJ, though the company maintains sales and distributor offices around the world. FiberControl was founded in 1995 with its main office located in Monmouth County, New Jersey – the heart of the East Coast’s fiber optic industry – enabling FiberControl to form strategic alliances with its neighbors.

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Gooch & Housego, Ilminster, UK
Dowlish Ford, Ilminster TA19 0PF, UK

Gooch & Housego is a photonics technology business headquartered in Ilminster Somerset, UK with operations in the USA and Europe. A world leader in its field, the company researches, designs, engineers and manufactures advanced photonic systems, components and instrumentation for applications in the Aerospace & Defense, Industrial, Life Sciences and Scientific Research sectors. World leading design, development and manufacturing expertise is offered across a broad range of complementary technologies.
Gooch & Housego researches, design, engineers and manufactures photonic assemblies, systems and components based upon the following key enabling technologies:
Acousto-Optics: Q-switches, tunable filters (AOTF), modulators (multi or single channel), deflectors, pulse pickers and cavity dumpers, frequency shifters, mode lockers.
Electro-Optics: from G&H grown crystals: Pockels cells – BBO LightGate, CdTe IRX , KD*P, TX series large aperture and lithium niobate Q-switches.
Fiber Optics: Active and passive – fiber optic components, fiber optic assemblies, fiber coupled AOM, DFB and DBR Lasers, DFB laser drivers, single mode pump lasers, multi mode pump lasers, high speed, detectors. Manufacturing for rugged environments including high reliability and space.
Precision Optics: Thin film coating, birefringent, non-linear, planar and aspheric optics, assemblies, crystalline optics, infra-red Optics, glass engineering, research grade mirror substrates, ring laser gyroscope optics, sapphire polishing, silicon carbide polishing, solid etalons, superpolishing, waveplates, X-ray and synchrotron. Manufacturing opto-mechanical assemblies.
RF Electronics: Q-switch drivers, modulator drivers, AOTF drivers, fiber-coupled AOM drivers, AO device drivers.
Instrumentation: Spectroradiometers, spectral Imaging and synthesis, spectral radiance and luminance standards, spectral irradiance and illuminance standards, reflectance standards, integrating spheres, radiometer / photometers, detector standards, precision constant current sources, imaging photometers, colorimeters / photometers.

Tel +44 1460 256440
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LC-Tec Displays, Borlänge, Sweden
Tunavägen 281, 781 73 Borlänge, Sweden

LC-Tec is a technology company specializing in optical components based on liquid crystal (LC) technology. Located in Borlänge, Sweden, we have over 25 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing a wide range of LC-based products, including optical shutters, variable ND filters, switchable and tunable color filters, polarization modulators/rotators, variable retarders, and information displays.
With facilities housing advanced electro-optical laboratories as well as a modern passive matrix LCD manufacturing line, we are a one-stop-shop covering the full span from early R&D to volume manufacturing. LC-Tec is a publicly traded company, listed on the NGM Nordic MTF stock exchange market.

3D Projection
Direct-View 3D Displays
Photography & Videography
Cameras & Machine Vision
Laser Attenuation

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Meadowlark Optics  Inc.,  Frederick CO, USA
5964 Iris Parkway, Frederick, CO 80504, USA

More than a quarter-century ago, Tom Baur, researcher for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, needed a solution that resulted in his manufacturing his own custom Pockels cells. With that flagship product, Meadowlark Optics came to be, establishing a world standard for innovative, ultrahigh-quality polarization optics.

In the twenty-first century, Meadowlark products help position customers worldwide to pioneer their own innovations. These include our advances in liquid crystals with one-of-a-kind polarization controllers and the Liquid Crystal Stokes Polarimeter. In other areas, we measure our waveplate product line to subnanometer precision. One thousandth of a wave of retardance is our standard accuracy.

Custom retooling of an existing Meadowlark product or creating the new products our customers need are other ways we serve manufacturing and science. Our current work in polarization, as our beginnings with the Pockels cells once were, is steeped in technological possibility that is yet to unfold, and this is why we are committed to our customers.

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Nion Co.. Kirkland WA, USA
11511 NE 118th St., Kirkland, WA 98034, USA

Nion is a world-class developer of advanced scanning transmission electron microscopes and other electron-optical instruments. We work in close collaboration with our customers, developing instruments that answer real needs in the real world.
Our microscopes elevate the concept of dedicated STEM (established by Prof. Albert Crewe and initially pursued mainly by VG instruments) to a fundamentally new level. They combine a clean, bakeable vacuum, which minimizes contamination problems; advanced electron optics, which provides unprecedented resolution and makes available many operating modes; and complete flexibility that allows the instruments to be configured for new applications even after they have been installed. They combine user-friendly operation with ease of maintenance. They excel in the resolution obtained at low primary voltages and in the maximum current and the minimum energy spread they deliver into a small probe.
A large part of our resources goes into research aimed at advancing the state of the art in electron microscopy. We design and make state-of-the art aberration correctors, sample stages, detectors, and cold field emission guns. This allows us to ensure that all the components work together seamlessly, and to deliver world-class instruments that function in an integrated and easy-to-use manner.

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Photon Technology International  (Div of Horiba), Edison NJ, USA
3880 Park Avenue, Edison, nj 08820-3097, USA

Founded in 1983 and public since 1987, Photon Technology International, Inc. (PTI) designs, manufactures and markets proprietary electro-optical instruments. Our products are used in leading laboratories around the world for industrial process research, quality control, environmental science and other applications.

PTI distinguishes itself in the photonics industry by devoting its resources exclusively to the technology of fluorescence instrumentation and by providing exceptional product support. With offices worldwide, PTI has been recognized for outstanding technological achievement, business growth and corporate environment.

Phosphorescence/Fluorescence Spectrofluorometers
Intensity Based Spectrofluorometers
NIR Spectrofluorometers
High Speed Spectrofluorometers
Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrofluorometers
Fluorescence Microscopy
Fluorescence Imaging
Fluorescence Plate Reader